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COVID-19 & staying well



During this extraordinary, even scary time, our office remains open and continues to provide exceptional holistic healthcare to Moscow, Pullman and the greater Palouse region. In addition to the routine steps we take to protect ourselves and our patients--maintaining a low-volume practice, routine hand washing before and after hands-on work, maintaining our own health, disinfecting all treatment surfaces between each session and sanitizing linens--we have added extra precautions to ensure your safety. Following each session, all surfaces that may have been handled, including door knobs, water spigot, soap dispenser, etc. are being disinfected.

Our staff is not currently sick, nor displaying any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. No clients have been in who have tested positive, nor who have displayed symptoms of the virus. However, we are practicing an abundance of caution. Should this change, or should the recommendations from the CDC change, our office will do the responsible thing and close. You will be contacted via email if this happens.

At this time we are also waiving the 24-hour cancellation policy. Should you suspect you are sick, have been in an area of high infection rates, e.g. Seattle, or simply want to minimize risk of exposure, please stay home. We kindly ask that you simply let us know as able.


In case you've been entirely out of the loop, here is a list of general precautions recommended by the CDC to protect yourself during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Check back at this site regularly for changes as this situation develops.


Viruses are not new to our species. Indeed, according to the CDC, most of us with fully developed immune systems will ultimately be OK, even if we do catch the Coronavirus. Those at highest risk from this novel virus include the elderly and those with conditions that make them immunocompromised.

Regardless, we can all keep our systems as bolstered as possible through proper precautions, good nutrition (on a side note, raw garlic, ginger and green tea have excellent antiviral properties!), stress management and with herbs and supplements. These natural healers have evolved with humans and viruses and are an important tool in our current arsenal of protection!

During the month of March, no appointment is needed for current clients to order basic immune support, including Buffered Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and western and Chinese immune support formulas. Please simply contact me via email and let me know what you would like. I highly recommend you get some of this stuff on board, folks! If you would like advice in this arena, I can put together a custom packet for you. Already sick? Send me an email describing your symptoms and I will get an herbal formula set out for you.*

We are a small, humble practice. We will do our best to provide to the community what we have available. Your understanding is appreciated should we run out of certain product. We are doing our very best to keep things stocked at this time.

*This is not meant as definitive treatment. Rather, herbs and supplements can be a potent adjunct in addition to more definitive care. Read: if you suspect you have COVID-19, contact your primary care provider


Times like this drive home how interconnected we--indeed our whole world--are! This virus has been able to spread by virtue of the common air we all breathe. May each of us take good care of ourselves while also looking out for the wellbeing of others. It truly does take a village.

Be safe, be kind & be well~


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