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Current covid protocols

What a tricky dance we are all doing navigating health and wellness during this global pandemic. As we move into year three(!!) of this, I want to revisit current COVID protocols being observed at Root Health Acupuncture. Information is quickly changing as new developments pop up, so check out the CDC's page for the most up-to-date info on current guidelines. The World Health Organization is also a helpful resource.

I aim to continue to be able to provide high quality holistic healthcare while also working to keep you, the client, myself and my family, as well as our community safe. The holistic wellness acupuncture supports is as important as ever, especially as we navigate things that can seriously bring us out of balance.

To this end Root Health continues to:

  • Maintain a staff team that is fully vaccinated

  • Maintain a low-volume practice

  • Maintain a hygienic practice with strict disinfecting protocols

  • Change linens between each client and disinfect all relevant surfaces

  • Open windows to air out treatment rooms in between clients

  • Waive our late cancellation policy for any COVID-related issues

We kindly ask clients to:

  • Get vaccinated if able

  • Cancel your appointment if you are having any signs of COVID-19

It's an honor to continue to be of support to our amazing community. Please stay safe out there and continue to be kind to your sweet self and to others!


(here's a mugshot of me without a mask on in case you forgot/have never known!)


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