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As you may know, I've been trying on a soft re-opening since the beginning of May, with an eye on local and national developments regarding COVID-19. I am writing today to let you know that Root Health will be temporarily closing its doors again. As a medical professional, I am guided by the ethic to first ‘do no harm’. This holds true as we navigate a growing pandemic, increased risk as our economy opens up and people physically distance less, as well increased likelihood of transmission as masses gather to protest ongoing social injustices. As long as my business can still absorb it financially, remaining closed is the safest and best decision.

As a medical professional, I am guided by the ethic to first 'do no harm'

What?!! But we're in advanced phases of re-opening in Idaho you may say. Let me explain. Idaho is not meeting federal, CDC or its own guidelines for safely re-opening (click here for more info). This is currently true of most states. I do not want to put my clients, myself or my loved ones at risk. Unfortunately, my recent cancer diagnosis has landed me in a higher risk category as well. Finally, we are in the midst of significant social upheavaI as masses speak out against the systemic inequality and the ongoing killing of innocent black people. I am attending protests to stand in solidarity with my fellow Americans. Physical distancing is not always possible at these mass gatherings, thereby increasing the risk of viral contraction. I am invested in speaking out against racial injustice and don't want to get anyone at my office sick.

To this end, all further appointments in June and July are hereby cancelled. I will re-assess as August nears and be in touch. I am still happy to manage herbal prescriptions and supplements from afar. If we are doing more than a simple refill, please contact me to set up a virtual appointment. This will either be billed to insurance if applicable or charged at my discounted rates.


Thank you for your understanding

A big fat thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Stepping back from my practice—from offering consistent healthcare to those I deeply care about and who rely on my services--has been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made in my professional career. I also have no doubt that each of you possesses a deep innate wisdom along with serious skills, which we cover during your treatments, to practice good self-care in the meantime.

I could not do what I do without each and every one of you who shows up at my practice. It is my hope to be back to a regular schedule in August. I will either need to re-open then or call it quits for financial reasons. I will, of course, be monitoring the development of the COVID pandemic and let you know what to expect from my practice as August nears. As always, your support and ongoing patronage are invaluable. Just as we are all affected, we will get through this together.



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