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Root Health: Re-Opening?

Howdy out there! I hope this finds each and every one of you safe and well. The current time asks a lot of us—flexibility, willingness to sit with fear and uncertainty—and challenges us to be patient, gentle and kind, both with ourselves and with others.

Soft Re-Opening of Root Health

The purpose of this email is to outline what to expect from my practice. As many of you know, Governor Little has proposed re-opening certain businesses starting May 1. Simultaneously, I have received multiple inquiries wondering when I will once again be scheduling appointments.

I consider it my civic duty to stay well informed and have been diligently following local, state and national developments (yup, admittedly been consuming more news than is good for my me). Per information from many experts and health authorities, there is concern and still much uncertainty if opening up the economy at this point will collectively set us back in our attempts to get COVID-19 under control.

Accordingly, I will not be opening my practice to full-time scheduling. I will be doing a soft re-opening of my practice only, beginning May 4. This will be in effect through May, at which point I will re-assess. What does this mean? My practice will remain primarily closed in an effort to support containment of the virus and ongoing physical distancing efforts. I will be scheduling those individuals experiencing acute or severe conditions only. Examples include, among others, debilitating chronic pain, acute injuries, asthmatic flares and seasonal allergies that could land one in the QuickCare or doctor’s office. I trust everyone to exercise sound judgement and prudence in determining if you need to get in for treatment.

For the handful of you who fit this category, please contact me directly. All online scheduling through May will be disabled at this time. Your understanding is appreciated.

I am still happy to manage herbal prescriptions and supplements from afar. If we are doing more than a simple refill, please contact me to set up a virtual appointment. This will either be billed to insurance if applicable or charged at my discounted cash-pay rates.

Safety Procedures in Place at Root Health

We here at Root Health take your wellness and safety seriously. For those visiting my practice while the COVID-19 pandemic still rages, we have implemented procedures, in addition to those already in place, to best ensure your health. These are based on guidelines from the CDC, the American Acupuncture Association, the Idaho Acupuncture Association and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals Organization.

At Root Health we will:

  • Maintain a low-volume practice to support physical distancing. No more than one client will be seen at any given time

  • Maintain physical distancing whenever possible

  • Wear masks at all times when interacting with a client

  • Maintain strict disinfecting protocols between each client, including of all relevant surfaces and bed linens

  • Remove all non-essential items that could harbor germs, such as the water dispenser and extra face cradle padding

  • Check client’s temperature upon arrival

We kindly ask clients to:

  • Wear a mask at all times when at Root Health

  • Wash your hands upon arrival

  • Check your temperature before your appointment. Should you have a fever or any other suspected signs of COVID-19, cancel your appointment and contact your primary care provider

  • Bring water/something to drink if you need it during your appointment

Gentle Goes It

Softness is in order, as soft as this new life in my backyard

Spring is also raging and flowers, baby animals and budding trees are here to prove it! We are in wood season. Trees must be well rooted in order to rise up and flourish. This can feel challenging during significant transitions, such as the one we are living through. We are social beings and creatures of habit, so physical distancing, letting go of cherished plans and routines or not being able to hold someone’s hand or hug a loved one is hard! Much like trees, our roots getting suddenly ripped up causes stress and can rob us of nourishment and vital life force.

We can look to nature for guidance. A stressed tree doesn’t need to beat itself up, take on a marathon or overextend its branches. Rather, great care and patience are in order. As much as possible, let each of us be gentle and kind to ourselves. Get out in nature. Beware of too much screen time. Eat and drink slowly and well. Consume positivity (I love the OnBeing podcast). Hold the inner critic with love—it gets a voice but not a megaphone.

Thanks to each of you who has reached out to support my practice, purchased gift certificates or simply to check in. I couldn’t do what I do without you and your support is invaluable.

Until we see each other next, big virtual hug~ Kameron


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