Transition to Post-Vaccination Practice

As you may well know, the CDC has changed its guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated. Woohoo! How wonderful that more and more of us are protected against a virus that has been so impactful on all of our lives.

Let's not fumble as we move closer to the finish line. In order to ensure the safety of all in our community, including those who are not yet vaccinated, we ask that everyone continue to wear a mask while at Root Health Acupuncture for the time being. On our part, we will continue to observe basic guidelines to ensure your and our health and safety during this time of transition, including:

  • Maintaining a staff team that is fully vaccinated

  • Maintaining a low-volume practice

  • Wearing masks when interacting with clients for the time being

  • Practicing strict disinfecting protocols between each client, including of all relevant surfaces and bed linens

  • Opening windows to air out treatment rooms in between clients

  • Removing all non-essential items that could harbor germs, such as the water dispenser and tea station

  • Waiving our late cancellation policy for any COVID-related issues

We kindly ask clients to:

  • Wear a mask when at Root Health (*Please note, this is required per CDC guidelines if you have not been vaccinated)

  • For those who remain unvaccinated, check your temperature before your appointment. Should you have a fever or any other suspected signs of COVID-19, cancel your appointment and contact your primary care provider

  • Bring water/something to drink if you need it during your appointment

So enjoy those hugs, BBQs with friends and finally traveling to meet that new grandbaby on the East coast! We've made it this far collectively and we are truly better when we work together--with love, kindness and consideration. Thank you for your attention to these safety measures and may we all be well

Kameron, Licensed Acupuncturist, Board-Certified Herbalist, Owner


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Our staff are all fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Masks are currently required for all visits.
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