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Welcome back, Sunshine

My my, what a year it has been! From the pandemic to sociopolitical reckoning to our daily routines turned upside down, we have been called upon to remain flexible, kind and to embrace change. Transition is afoot here at Root Health Acupuncture as well. Read on for more info about upcoming rate changes, the return of low-cost acupuncture as well as some simple Chinese medicine practices to clear out winter stagnation and bolster against seasonal allergies.


Safety Procedures and Protocols

What remains consistent is my commitment to the safety of those I see in my practice, both before as well as since COVID. Safety procedure and protocols are still firmly in place (click here for more info). To further protect my patients, myself and those in the community, I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine March 12.

Fee Changes

Since the inception of Root Health Acupuncture, I have been committed to making this powerful medicine accessible to as many as possible by offering significant discounts for those without insurance, community-style acupuncture as well as pro bono services for individuals and local non-profits. My rates have not changed since 2012 and it's time. As of April 16 the following rates apply:

- new client sessions: 125

- returning client sessions: 98

- students and seniors over 65: 85

(Please note: Due to a technical issue, the price change for returning clients will NOT be reflected for sessions booked after April 16 until April 16. Follow-up treatments will be $98 after this date regardless of the $85 price that is incorrectly listed upon booking. Those paying online will be required to pay the difference upon checkout from their treatment session. Contact me if you have questions. Your understanding is appreciated!)

I will continue as a preferred provider with many major insurance carriers. Not sure if you have insurance coverage for acupuncture? Just give your insurance company a call!

Low-Cost Acupuncture Returns

To further increase access to this highly effective holistic medicine, I am pleased to announce the return of low-cost offerings as of April 16, 2021. I am a proponent of equal access to quality healthcare for all. The COVID pandemic has further laid bare systemic inequities in our country and, unfortunately, access to healthcare is no exception. Until this is remedied, I am pleased to be able to do my small and humble part.

What will this look like? Low-cost sessions will be offered Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings only (schedule subject to change). Patients will be seen individually to afford privacy and to mitigate the spread of COVID. These highly effective, single-sided treatments will focus on acupuncture only, i.e. no other modalities such as bodywork, moxa or herbal recommendations will be offered. This venue is inappropriate for those with complex conditions.

Sessions will be 30-40 minutes in duration with a sliding scale of $45 - $60. You choose which rate is right for you! All payments must be made in person in the form of check or cash. No credit card payments will be processed. Please arrive with payment ready in the correct amount in order to optimize your treatment time.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, so if you can't swing this, talk to me.

Seasonal Support

We are currently in the--at times tumultuous--transition from winter to spring. As we move from kidney (Shao Yin) to liver (Jue Yin) season, the pathology du jour is wind and stagnation. It is not uncommon to feel sluggish and irritable this time of year, not to mention perhaps affected by seasonal allergens.

This is where Traditional East Asian Medicine excels--keeping us well throughout times of change and the various seasons of life. From a food perspective, foods and qi movers that enhance energy and immune function in the spring include spring onions, mint, nettles, greens like arugula and mustard greens, apple cider vinegar and radishes. Stagnation is cleared out through cleansing practices, such as decluttering one's living space and qi gong, as well as through physical movement. A good rule of thumb for exercise is 30-60 minutes most days of the week. Finally, acupuncture and personalized herbal formulas can unblock stagnation and support healthy immune responses. Ready for a spring clean? Contact me today


I trust I am not alone when I share that I cannot wait to say "Welcome back, sunshine!" to each and every one of you, be it in my practice or out and about. Until then, stay safe and stay well



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