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Kameron Schott, LAc

I practice acupuncture and Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) because it works with the body's innate ability to find balance and to heal. At the foundation of this extremely effective medicine is a reverence for universal patterns found throughout nature. As reflected in the ancient saying 'as above, so below', it recognizes the reflection of the macrocosm in the microcosm--and vice versa--including in our own systems and bodies. This gentle, time-tested approach to wellness works with the body's innate wisdom and tendency towards homeostasis. Each of us holds within the power to feel healthier and balanced. Each of us is whole.

As a general practitioner, I treat a multitude of conditions. Areas of particular interest and advanced training include musculoskeletal issues, pain management, cancer care and mental/emotional wellness. With a background in psychology, counseling, alignment-based yoga and mindfulness practices, I work with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan. I practice multiple sports and have also navigated serious injuries, including spinal fractures and breast cancer. These all inform my understanding of the healing process and how to collaborate with western practitioners to optimize treatment. In addition to acupuncture, treatments may include cupping, moxibustion, herbs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Educational Background:

I have been in full-time practice since 2012. I am a summa cum laude graduate from the University of Idaho and the University of Goettingen and hold a Master's Degree in acupuncture and TEAM from the four-year graduate program at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I am board-certified in Chinese Herbs, nationally certified by the NCAAOM and am licensed in Idaho. I currently serve on the Idaho Board of Licensure, where I am honored to work on issues of public safety and the protection of patient rights.

After the first session, Kameron had a plan, including needles, moxa, diet, massage, etc.

Her organization and diverse approach instill confidence.

~KM, age 63, fibromyalgia patient

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