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Root health in new location starting april 1

New location, same compassionate quality care

Root Health is moving to it's new location at 325 W Palouse River Drive here in Moscow aaaand we finally have a move in date of April 1! All appointments will be in our new space starting next month, just a couple short weeks away. I am so excited to work with each of you from our gorgeous new space at the Wellness Ranch, located just across from the Gritman's Martin Wellness Center.

As many of you know, the Uma Center sold last fall. While I will be sad to say good-bye to the familiar and beautiful office I've had the privilege of working out of for the last eight years(!!), I feel excited about the opportunity this new space affords--an ADA accessible treatment space, collaboration with other practitioners, including the chiropractors at Full of Life Holistics, a spacious waiting area/resource center and room for my practice to expand to service more clients.

At this time I also ask for your flexibility and grace. Progress is ongoing, e.g. the parking lot is not yet complete and the space smells new. As a practitioner or Traditional East Asian Medicine, I often look to the principles of its ancient teachings for perspective. We are transitioning to springtime, the season of the liver and the element of wood as represented by trees. Our giant wooden companions with their tender little buds teach us about the balance of rooting into the ground beneath us, into the known and familiar, while simultaneously stretching up into newness and into the unknown. We root down to rise up. No rooting and we are unstable and malnourished. No stretching and we fail to grow and thrive, instead becoming rigid and stagnant.

So mark your calendars and join me in this transition! Please lean into the familiar--into the consistent and great quality holistic care you have come to expect at Root Health Acupuncture. Thanks for remaining flexible, for your generosity of spirit and for your ongoing patronage.



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